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Appropriate Adult for Age Assessments 

The appropriate adult plays an important role in supporting a young person through the age assessment process, and it is a legal requirement that a young person is offered this support.

Appropriate Adults UK ( AAUK) are independent of any local authority and can provide appropriate adults who:

  • Have experience of working and engaging with children and young people, and an understanding of their needs and behaviours.

  • Experience of working with interpreters.

  • A clear understanding of their role and of the principles for conducting age assessments outlined in case law.

  • The ability to take accurate notes at reasonable speed.

  • The confidence and ability to be assertive and raise concerns or otherwise intervene where they feel the interview  is not being conducted appropriately and is not mindful of the child or young person’s welfare needs.

Please use the ‘Get in touch’ link below for more information or to make a booking.

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